Our partnerships in the world

Lysoform cooperates closely with companies in the following countries:



Armenia www.lysoform.com
Austria www.drott.at
Azerbaijan www.lysoform.com
Belgium www.lysoform.com
Bulgaria www.lysoform.com
Byelorussia www.lysoform.com
China www.lysoform.com
Czech Republic www.hygieia-cz.com
Egypt www.lysoform.com
Estonia www.lysoform.com
France www.lysoform.com
Georgia www.amts.ge
Germany www.lysoform.de
Greece www.lysoform.com
Hungary www.lysoform.com
India www.lysoform.com
Iran www.lysoform.com
Ireland www.lysoform.com
Kazakhstan www.alians.kz
Latvia www.lbm.lv
Lithuania www.lysoform.com
Marocco www.lysoform.com
Moldavia 3172.md.all-biz.info
Netherlands www.lysoform.com
North Korea www.lysoform.com
Philippines www.lysoform.com
Poland www.medilab.pl
Romania www.lysoform.com
Russia www.lysoform.ru
Slovakia www.hygieia-sk.com
South Korea www.lysoform.com
Spain www.lysoform.com
Sweden www.sterisol.se
Switzerland www.lysoform.ch
Syria www.lysoform.com
Turkey www.lysoform.com
Ukraine www.lysoform.net
Vietnam www.lysoform.com
Yemen www.lysoform.com


We are still looking for more partners in all parts of the world. We offer a substantial scientific, technical and marketing support for our partners.

If you want any further information, please contact us!